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Londoners’ Stories about the 1948 Olympic Games and London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

June McMahon. Retired Election Agent

June McMahon
Retired Election Agent

My name is June and this is my Testimony.

I didn’t unfortunately [laughs] attend any of the games, although I was always a quite keen in sport. I was 18 at the time and- And I don’t know why I didn’t get round to going. [laughs] All I remember, basically, is that the swimming took place at the Empire Pool, Wembley.

I used to go there ice skating and I was aware that a local person, Judy Grinham, actually won a gold medal, I understood, and she was a local person, she lived in Willesden, I think she lived in Neasden. And after the council then gave a presentation to recognise her achievement in what is the Old Spotted Dog in Willesden High Road and they had a big hall at the back and they put on this big presentation-y thing, and I did go to that. [laughs]

I think, because it was just after the war, I think that was probably why, you know, there was not quite so huge as it is these days. There weren’t so many sports and they were sort of distributed further around the country.




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